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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Lafcadio's Adventures The Case of the Gilded Lily Hungry Hill Boston Waterfront The Disinherited The Martian Way & Other Stories
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Asimov, Isaac

The Martian Way

Brand, Max

The Stingaree

War Party

Conrad, Joseph

Almayer's Folly

Conroy, Jack

The Disinherited

Davenport, Marcia

East Side, West Side

Dreiser, Theodore

Sister Carrie

Du Maurier, Daphne

The Parasites

Mary Anne

Hungry Hill

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Montessori for Parents

The Montessori Manual for Teachers and Parents

Gardner, Erle Stanley (Perry Mason Mysteries)

The Case of the Deadly Toy

The Case of the Mythical Monkeys

The Case of the Gilded Lily

The Case of the Singing Skirt

Gide, André

The School for Wives; Robert; Genevieve, or The Unfinished Confidence

Lafcadio's Adventures

Strait is the Gate

Gogol, Nicolai

The Overcoat

Goncharov, Ivan


Jackson, Shirley

The Lottery

Montessori, Maria

The Montessori Method

Spontaneous Activity in Education

The Montessori Elementary Material

Dr. Own Montessori's Handbook

Nabokov, Vladimir


Norris, Frank

The Pit


Schulberg, Budd


Sinclair, Upton

Boston (hardcover)

Boston (paperback)

The Jungle

Tey, Josephine

The Man in the Queue

Traven, B.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre